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This November, London’s biggest vegan festival Vevolution is back with an impressive line up and the best of the city’s vegan street food scene.

In the past year, Vevolution has held 7 sold out events that have come to represent a new vanguard of vegan creatives in the UK. The winter festival will be no different with another 400 expected to attend and sell out the event.

The event will take place on Saturday 25 November in the prestigious The Ri in the heart of London’s West End where leading vegan entrepreneurs like Meriel Armitage (Club Mexicana), JP and Alex Petrides (allplants), Ian Theasby and Henry David Firth (BOSH!) and Nathan Runkle (Founder and President of Mercy for Animals) will take the stage alongside Made In Chelsea stars Lucy and Tiffany Watson.

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The Vevolution line-up will also have some muscle with UK Ninja Warrior star Chase Armitage, Adam Stansbury (The Plant Powered PT), John Lewis (Bad Ass Vegan) all taking part. Plus activists like Tobias Leenaert (The Vegan Strategist and Matthew Glover (Co-Founder of Veganuary) and renowned writer and political activist Tamsin Omond.

This year’s festival will include a day of TED style short talks, panel discussions and creative workshops from zine making with our pals Bright Zine to fermentation with Made in Hackney. There’s a session on activism, YouTube tips, eco art and entrepreneurial clinic sessions too.

And of course it wouldn’t be a vegan festival without delicious food. Club Mexicana will be there serving up Mexican goodness alongside One Planet Pizza, Pomodoro E Basilico and Young Vegans.

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Vevolution Co-Founder Damien Clarkson said: ‘Last week I heard that 28% of people in the UK have reduced their meat consumption in the past 6 months. What we are witnessing is mass scale shift towards a meat-free culture. And we are really proud to be playing a role in helping learn about living a vegan lifestyle.’

Co-Founder Judy Nadel adds; ‘Gone are the days when veganism was associated with bland food. We are part of creating a movement of people making vegan choices for health, environment and the animals. And it doesn’t hurt that the food tastes amazing.’

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© Sarah Koury / Entirety Labs

© Sarah Koury / Entirety Labs

© Sarah Koury / Entirety Labs

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