6 things you don’t have to give up as a vegan

From chocolate and cheese to seafood, there’s plenty of vegan versions for your favourite omni foods.

New vegans can sometimes worry about having to ‘give up’ certain favourite foods, when there are plenty of really good vegan versions to try. The options available and quality of taste have made huge progress in 2016 – cardboard bacon is a thing of the past.

Charley Roberts is the owner of The Incredible Nutshell, Sheffield’s first & only 100% vegan grocery shop with lots of delicious vegan, veggie, gluten-free & other free-from goodies. As well as … and helping her customers with the best way to make scrambled tofu, a big part of Charley’s job is to find the newest, quality vegan items from around the world and bring them back to the city.

Here’s Charley’s top foods that you won’t have to give up as a vegan.


People often worry that they have to stick to strong, dark chocolate but there are vegan versions of most sweets like bounty, peanut butter cups and pralines so you’ll be able to replace your favourite treats easily. These bars by iChoc are great if you’re a fan of milk or white chocolate and they come in a range of flavours like white nougat crispchoco cookie and almond orange.


We love a cheesy pizza and whether we make it ourselves or order a cheeseless pizza takeout, we always top it with MozzaRisella Rice Cheese (great for Italian-style thin crust pizzas) or Violife for Pizza (perfect for deep pan).


Sometimes the little things matter when you go vegan. Like what to have instead of mayonnaise. Answer: Vegenaise! This is our all-time favourite vegan mayo. Its only drawbacks are having to stop yourself eating it out of the jar with a spoon and making sure your non-vegan family members/housemates don’t nick it all.

Hot drinks on the go

#VeganProblems: when you’re out somewhere and you want a cup of tea but they’ve no plant milk. Do not fret – you can now get mini soya milks and coffee creamers that are handy to carry about – great for work trips, relatives’ houses, trains, hotel rooms and more.


Many of you will understand the frustration that comes along with people using ‘bacon’ as an argument, on the regular. Veggie World have created a thing of beauty with this plant-based streaky bacon. There’s no way of describing the similarity, you just have to try it.


Seafood is something I wasn’t sure would be veganised due to the complexity of replicating the taste of the sea but my life was turned around when Veggie World brought out vegan prawns and tuna steak. And now, there’s a new vegan ‘fish’ recipe everyone’s been talking about with a star ingredient – banana blossom. I think this might be the next big thing in 2017!

Find out what’s new in vegan products by following Charlie on Instagram @incrediblenutshell. Or if you live in or around Sheffield, UK – visit the shop at 31 Chesterfield Road, S8 0RL.

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