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Sheffield gets a vegan card

Grab vegan deals across the city.

2017’s was a great year for vegans everywhere. And 2018 looks set to be even better.

Discount card for vegans in Sheffield

Our wonderful hometown of Sheffield is an amazing place to be vegan. The latest addition to the vegan scene here the V Card – a membership card that gives people access to deals on vegan products throughout the city.

The card launched on 1st November last year, and has got loads of positive feedback already. There are 3 types of membership available. Plus students get 30% off.

The people behind the V Card say they developed the scheme because they care about animals, the environment and health – and believe veganism is a great place to start. Me too.

Memberships keeps people up to date with all the local vegan going-ons as well as getting some cracking deals.

As if that wasn’t enough, the V Card has just announced that it’s spreading slowly to Leeds, so members will be able to use their cards in selected stores there as well.

the V Card. A vegan card for Sheffield and Leeds

Profits to good causes

As if loads of banging deals wasn’t enough, all the profits from the V Card go to a different vegan charity every season.

Founder Rheanna Griffin, who also co-founded Fanfare (a vegan food co-op that pops up in Union Street), hopes that Sheffielders will welcome the V Card.

“I started the card in response to the rapidly growing vegan market. We have so many great vegan products and options across Sheffield so now seams like the perfect time to promote a vegan lifestyle. I am vegan myself for ethical reasons and therefore the card is a way to further promote this environmentally conscious and animal friendly way of living by supporting businesses to offer more vegan products, by promoting them through the card and by offering deals so it becomes even more fun and attractive to choose a vegan lifestyle.”

If you’re in Sheffield then we can’t recommend getting a V Card enough. Snap one up here.

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