Easy peach and avocado salsa

Fresh and sweet with a little kick, to bring regular ol’ salsa to life.

Lasagna Veronica with lemon and artichoke

Fresh lemon and rich parmesan create an interesting twist on the traditional lasagna dish.

Vegan beetroot, feta and hazelnut risotto

You can’t beet a hearty risotto. We crammed this one with vegan feta, hazelnuts and roasted beets.

Vegan thai noodle soup with tofu, chilli and lime

This is our go-to dish to warm our bones if we ever get caught in the cold.

Seitan and mushroom pie with roast potatoes and baby carrots

Nothing’s going to satisfy that pie-shaped void but a pie itself. Here’s a damn tasty one to try.

Creamy mushroom and pea rigatoni

This pasta dish is so creamy that you wont believe that it’s SFV (safe for vegans).

Vegan Moroccan spiced carrot soup

Soup doesn’t always have to be carrot and coriander. I mean, this does have carrot and coriander in – think of it as a big tasty sibling.

Pancakes for every day of the week

Different pancake flavours for every day of the week, so you never get bored.

Big veggie grazing bowl

For when you need to pig out on some healthy goodness.