Is this the ultimate vegan holiday destination?

Vegan Surf Camp is everything an adventure-seeking vegan dreams of.

Imagine the scene. The sun is full and round in an endless blue sky. Some people are surfing in the sea, others are practising yoga. Some people sunbathe while others learn to cook. Sound perfect already? Well guess what? This place is real – and it’s vegan!

Welcome to Vegan Surf Camp in the South-West of France. Five years ago 5 friends decided to start a fully-vegan holiday destination. Take a beautiful location, throw in a lot of surfing, yoga, home cooked, organic food and a crowd of likeminded people and you get the picture.

Vegan Surf Camp started when the 5 friends were bored of worrying about the food choices on holiday and wanted to create a place where people could enjoy their holiday without constantly thinking ‘Can I eat this? Can I eat that?’

In the first season, around 20-30 people stayed at the camp each week for its three-week season. Unsurprisingly, that number has grown each year as more and more vegans flock to this surf-fuelled paradise.

All the fun, none of the effort

Vegan Surf Camp is all about making life as easy as possible for its guests. All you have to bring is enough clothes along with a sleeping bag and pillow. The camp runs a shuttle service from the nearby airport each Saturday and will happily pick guests up from the nearest train station.

Ready-pitched tents are waiting on arrival, with shelters between them so guests can enjoy little living rooms with roofs and tables and electricity. And, of course, the living rooms are all self made. They build everything themselves, trying to do things in the most ecological manner possible.

The camp also provides aquafilters because they want to produce the best drinking water and cut down on plastic bottle waste as many plastic bottles end up where they enjoy spending their time – the ocean.

Perfect holiday food

Vegan Surf Camp certainly have a passion to equal ours when it comes to food. Everything they use and produce is fully fresh and organic to make sure the guests get to eat the most amazing food.

Every day the camp provides a big breakfast buffet for guests to tuck in to. During breakfast time, campers can also make their own lunch to take on their day’s adventure. The evening meals are definitely one of the highlights of the day, where oodles of hot and cold food is laid out to help people re-energise after a day of fun.

An action-packed week

Perhaps the best part about Vegan Surf Camp is the fact that you don’t need to be a surfing pro. Most of their guests are actually beginners or people who have only surfed for a few years.

They have a pretty relaxed attitude and are happy to let people find their own pace and vibe, whether that’s learning to ride a wave or sitting on the beach and getting a tan.

5 managers spend their weeks teaching a variety of yoga classes, the camp puts on cooking classes for those who want to improve their skills, and there are plenty activities for the children and games at the beach. Don’t forget the twice-weekly parties, and if that wasn’t enough, the lovely Moliets beach is a 500m walk away.

The holiday of a lifetime for everyone

This isn’t a camp exclusively for vegans. Vegan Surf Camp are really keen for non-vegans to go and experience the vegan lifestyle and learn about it in more depth. All people are welcome to come and learn more about the lifestyle while learning how to surf.

We’re super excited about Vegan Surf Camp – so much so that we’re going to go check it out for ourselves this year. Why not come join us and learn to surf while eating amazing organic vegan food?

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