Five vegan hearty winter salads

Hold the iceberg lettuce, please!

If you’re like us, you don’t want to be eating bowls of iceberg lettuce, bell pepper and cucumber in the colder months (or ever). But how do you continue the concept of a healthy, nutritional salad into the winter and stay warm, full and satisfied for longer?

Try the following hearty winter salads featuring seasonal root vegetables, pulses and grains. There’s not an iceberg in sight!

Israeli couscous with beetroot and walnuts

This recipe from The View from Great Island is full of fresh flavours and it’s ridiculously quick and easy to make. It’s our #1 salad when we’re short on time and as it’s best served cold, you can prepare it the night before.

Italian panzanella salad

There’s no better way to enhance your salad than adding big chunks of bread. Featuring sundried tomatoes, kalamata olives, artichokes and a fistful of herbs, this salad is perfect served fresh and warm by the fire.

Sprouted mung bean bowl with coconut quinoa and beet tahini

This is technically a summer bowl, but we think this salad from The First Mess works just as well in autumn/winter when beets are in season. If you can’t get sprouted mung beans, just use the beans as they are or substitute for another bean if you’d prefer!

Moroccan style cauliflower and bulgar wheat salad with pomegranate, raisin and mint

It’s a year-round beauty that goes perfectly with a summer BBQ and a wintery tagine. Apricots would be an excellent addition to take that Moroccan vibe even further.

Shredded brussels sprouts + fall vegetable salad with garlicky orange tahini dressing

If you fancy something more on the ‘salady’ side of the spectrum, try this fresh fall recipe – another from The First Mess, our absolute favourite food blog.

Or… make your own.

Choose a grain or pasta and a pulse like chickpeas or lentils. Stir in your vegetables of choice and a dressing. Stir with some dark green leaves such as kale or rocket and sprinkle your favourite nuts and seeds on top. Take control of your salad destiny.

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