Written by Sam

London printers go vegan

Hatch get the Vegetarian Society Approved vegan trademark.

“I knew I needed something to save me”

An interview with the people behind ‘Make The Connection’ film.

Field of dreams

The Fields Beneath wants to spread the vegan coffee shop love. Can you help?

Leeds 100% vegan cafe needs your help

Get The Jungle Kitchen to its Kickstarter goal.

Morgan’s First 31 Days

31 Vegans’ First 31 Days – Day 10.
“I found it really easy to transition once I’d made my mind up.”

Sam’s First 31 Days

31 Vegans First 31 Days – Day 27.
“This is the most honest account I can give. It’s not pretty in places.”

Tiffany’s First 31 Days

31 Vegans First 31 Days – Day 24.
“The hard part was the constant taunting and bullying by family, friends, relatives and peers. After so many uncomfortable repetitive jokes and false facts being thrown at me, I learned to stand up for myself and let go of unwanted relationships.”

Seitan and mushroom pie with roast potatoes and baby carrots

Nothing’s going to satisfy that pie-shaped void but a pie itself. Here’s a damn tasty one to try.

Callam’s first 31 days

“My first shop was so different to any I had previously done because I had to read the ingredients of everything I dropped in my basket, which in turn forced me to see what crap and nonsense everything has added to it.”
31 Vegans’ First 31 Days – Day 31.