Welcome to Pig Out

Pig Out is for you.

In fact, it’s for everyone. It’s a community that celebrates living a tasty, vegan existence.

It’s acknowledgement that being vegan is as much about eating cake, drinking beer and stuffing your face as it is about eating salad and making green smoothies.

We like exercise and we like sitting on our butts. And that’s okay, because life’s all about finding what works for you.

Pig Out is our answer to the question ‘what do you even eat?’ – because we eat lots. The truth is we eat whatever we want, whenever we’re hungry. And it’s not just food. It’s about all aspects of cruelty-free living, from clothing to travel and everything in between.

It’s our aim to make Pig Out  a global community-fuelled resource for all things vegan. A home for hints and tips. A shared shelf for recipes. A place for inspiring stories and an ear for those who want to be heard.

We want it to be a welcoming home for everyone.

Come tuck in.

We’d love you to contribute, or just say hello.