6 ways to reconnect with nature

Maintain a healthy life balance by making time to reconnect with nature. It could help you to beat the blues.

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Technology is here to make life easier, more streamlined and more efficient. And yet life is busier and more switched-on than ever, with brands claiming that almost everything can be done even quicker. It doesn’t help that we’re hit with advertising from every angle. Even mobile phones can advertise to us now without needing an app to carry the message.

Sometimes it feels like there’s no escape and that can be hard to cope with. To stay stable, it’s important to stay grounded and make time to reconnect with nature. So here’s 6 easy ways to do just that.

Grow your own 

There’s something powerful in being able to plant a seed, watch it come to life and turn into something you can benefit from. Tending to plants can be therapeutic and  you can grow in the smallest of places. Start with herbs in small pots on the window sill, or maybe a sunflower. What better way to spend a weekend than shovelling compost into pots and getting your hands dirty?

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Get dirty 

However old you are, get outside and play like a 10 year old. Put on some old clothes and get muddy, roll down a hill and get grass-stained knees. Kick up the leaves. Jump in puddles. Climb a tree and explore some woodland. Whatever you do, come home needing to give yourself a good scrub. It will feel amazing.

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Escape the city

Whether it’s a walk through the countryside, a visit to the beach or a mountain hike, take some time away from the rat race and enjoy some natural beauty. One of our favourite things to do is get into the countryside on our own steam. We like to cycle into our closest national park, pack a picnic and explore the area without needing to rely on public transport or to rely on money to keep us fed and watered.

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Ground yourself 

There’s a theory that people collect and carry electrical energy in their bodies and need to be ‘earthed’ in order to release it. Whether this is true or not, there’s no denying the feeling that comes with putting your bare feet in fresh grass, soil or in the sand. It’s an instant way of feeling more connected to the world and releasing any stress. So take the time to free those toes every once in awhile, even if it’s spending ten minutes in the garden, or in the park.

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Switch off

You might have read this point as ‘cut off your right arm’ and we get that. We use our phones for everything and it’s likely they’re never much further away than an arm’s reach for us. But it’s so important to plan time off from screens: phones, laptops and TVs. For one, the human brain isn’t meant to stare at illuminated screens all day and yet more time is spent looking at screens than with people. And with all the messages flying in, it’s a great opportunity to rest our heads or a while.  

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Spend time with animals 

As vegans, we spend a lot of our time trying to save animals from harm, but for many of us, there’s still a big disconnect between our lives and the lives of animals. Try and spend time with the pigs, cows and chickens we omit from our plates by visiting a rescue farm or sanctuary. They’ve all got personalities and characteristics that really help to see them on a different level.

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